Our Mission

1. To Support Police Officers through advanced education and training grants.

2. To Support the Recovery of Wounded Warriors through Peer Mentoring, Fitness Grants & Training

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About Us

The Story Behind The Stay Safe Foundation

Charity founder Eric Basek is a former police officer and law enforcement instructor since 2006. In 2011, Eric opened up Blue Titan Fitness & Self-Defense and committed full time to teaching in 2013. Education, he believes, is crucial to delivering world class service to your community and providing life saving support to your fellow brother and sister in Blue.

Now he is collecting a cadre of truly world class instructors. Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian Experts located across the country who will provide training services for officers and agencies with demonstrated financial need. In addition, as the charity grows in size, he hopes to provide education grants for training classes the charity is unable to provide and equipment grants for those agencies looking to develop in-house and sustainable training programs.

How We Help

Peer Mentoring

Think of this program like Big Brothers & Big Sisters for struggling American heroes. Police officers and Military members struggling with recovery from serious injuries, TBI, diagnosed or un-diagnosed post-traumatic stress or even something as “simple” as a successful transition to civilian life – our mentors are here to share their experiences for the benefit of your health, happiness and future. At any time, day or night, reach out to us and we will do our best to be there for you , no matter what the need.


A Cadre of World Class Instructors located around the country offer training to police officers and military members at absolutely no cost to you the student. Military combat veterans, seasoned law enforcement instructors and civilian experts provide training in community service, defensive tactics, firearms, close quarter combat, interview techniques, search and seizure, field sobriety testing and more….


As much as we’d like to say we do it all, that’s simply not true, so when you find a training course or a piece of equipment vital to your development, submit an application for consideration of our training grants. Applications will be approved based on a letter of request, officer file, departmental support and financial need.