Executive Staff

Eric Basek
Eric is the founder and President of the Stay Safe Foundation. A former law enforcement & SWAT officer, Eric owns a Krav Maga & CrossFit studio and provides expert law enforcement instruction around the country.
Justin Burnash
Information Technology Officer
Justin Burnash is an entrepreneur, car enthusiast and fitness expert. His experience growing his own business through current social media technologies places him in position to greatly benefit the growth, development and accessibility of the Stay Safe Foundation.
Jim Savage
Jim Savage is a life long volunteer, supporting military and law enforcement training most recently at Eric's personal business in Rockaway NJ. Jim is also a skilled CPA providing guidance and counsel to the Stay Safe Foundation with all financial and corporate matters.
Brendan Ferreira
Operations Officer
Brendan is a retired Sgt with the US Army Rakkasans. Brendan fell victim to a suicide bomber on his second combat deployment in an attack that took the lives of two very close friends. Post injury, Brendan met his wife, began coaching adaptive athletes and opened his own CrossFit Box in Massachusetts. A skilled coach, he is an even better mentor, and will be surviving as both Cadre and Peer Mentor for the Stay Safe Foundation
Amanda Basek
Executive Director
Amanda is a veteran event planner and charity director with over 10 years experience. She is the wife to founder Eric Basek and devoted mother to their son Logan.
Rhys Marten
Social Media Coordinator
Rhys Marten is a NJ Police Officer who knows only excellence. As a recruit, he was awarded for leadership, physical fitness and academics! He is a Krav Maga self-defense enthusiast and an instructor in training. He hopes to one day be a K9 Officer for his agency. Public Service is in his blood.

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