Be Humble, Expect Nothing

Be Humble and Expect Nothing in Return
9/21/17 – 9/24/17
By Jen Lee

(My teammate Kevin, Brody, Erica and I taking a pic with a double amputee girl who tried out sled hockey for the first time this weekend)

My teammates and I had the opportunity to speak and coach at a sled hockey learn to skate clinic at the University Prep School of Milwaukee (USM) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this week. The head coach of the USM junior varsity boys and girls hockey team brought their players to hear about our sport and our experience at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The clinic was run by a non-profit organization called Wasatch Adaptive Sports, and their mission is to provide recreational programs to children, adults and military veterans with adaptive needs. Mike Uihlein, our national team doctor since 2013, created the sled hockey program for the organization in 2015 to help out people with disabilities that has an interest in playing sled hockey in his community. And like Doc Mike and many other non-profit organizations out there, their goals are to serve, assist and help out as many people as they can without expecting anything in return. Ever since my leg amputation in 2009, I’ve been involved in many non-profits organization’s program like Docs’ and honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. Organizations like Operation Comfort and the Veteran TUF Team (now the Stay Safe Foundation) gave me an opportunity to redefine who I can be and what I can do to contribute to help many others like me in this society I’ve met dozens of founders, employees, and volunteers who exhibited their generous involvement to their community, and they only want a smile or simple thank you in return. A modest smile signifies that they have done their job and they will continue to do whatever it takes to make sure your well-being is up to standard. Their selfless service gave me a humble sentiment that we all have the power to help out others genuinely without feeling the needs of receiving something back. I, myself have done numerous speaking engagements, coaching clinic and other events for other nonprofit organizations without being compensated for my work and time.


Speaking in front of the JV hockey team
If we all have the mentality to expect nothing in return, I can assure you will be happier and wealthier mentally and spiritually. Even though money may solve many problems, excessive wealth and an extravagant way of life can become a source of attachment, and create a fear of loss and of ceaseless craving. Life is not always about making tons of money so you can spend it all on yourself or to please others just to show you have done something “good” for the society. So be humble, be compassionate and go out and help others so you can bring a smile on their face. I can guarantee you will feel richer without receiving a single penny by the end of the day.

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