September 28, 2023

How to Find a Great Veteran Non-Profit to Support

Supporting veterans who have served their country is a noble endeavor that many individuals and organizations are passionate about. Yet, with the countless charities out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one to donate to or volunteer with. The key is to find great charities that are transparent, efficient, and genuinely committed to helping veterans. In this blog, we’ll explore the essential steps to help you identify and support charities that make a meaningful impact on the lives of veterans.

To discover more nonprofits dedicated to assisting veterans, consider visiting This website offers a comprehensive directory of nonprofit organizations, complete with user reviews and ratings. It’s an excellent resource for finding grassroots charities that might not have the same visibility as larger organizations. I personally use this resource when looking for credible non-profits that I think I would like to donate to or volunteer with. Below I will give you some important tools and lessons that I have learned in my search for both getting help and helping non-profits.

Research and Selection

When looking for nonprofit organizations to support or seek assistance from, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research. Consider the following factors:

  • Mission Alignment: Ensure the nonprofit’s mission aligns with your needs or values.
  • Transparency: Verify that the organization is transparent about its operations, finances, and impact.
  • Accountability: Look for nonprofits that have mechanisms in place for accountability and ethical governance.
  • Effectiveness: Research their track record and success stories to gauge their impact on veterans’ lives.

The Stay Safe Foundation

One exceptional nonprofit that provides crucial support to veterans is The Stay Safe Foundation. This organization focuses on helping veterans facing crises by offering mental health and suicide prevention resources. This is one of the non-profits that I can personally vouch for.  I have worked on a ton of projects with The Stay Safe Foundation. From working with Eric Basek on his book “Lessons in Candance”, to volunteering with them at events such as the “The Arnold Classic” where they work tirelessly to help veterans. Oh, and Did I mention that Eric is a veteran himself?  You can find The Stay Safe Foundation at their official website,, where they provide valuable information, crisis hotlines, and access to mental health professionals. Their dedication to the well-being of veterans is a beacon of hope for those in need.

Healing 4 Heroes

Healing 4 Heroes is another remarkable nonprofit dedicated to veterans’ well-being, focusing on the therapeutic power of the human-animal bond. They provide service dogs to veterans dealing with PTSD and other mental health issues, such as TBI, stress, and anxiety. Healing 4 Heroes is a respected organization that ranks well among nonprofits in both Georgia and the nation. This is another great non-profit that I can vouch for. I work closely with them as their lead K9 trainer where we work to help veterans get the service dogs that they need. You can find them at, where they share success stories and provide information on their application process.

Larger Nonprofits

While smaller, grassroots organizations like The Stay Safe Foundation and Healing 4 Heroes can provide personalized support, larger nonprofits like the Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled American Veterans also play a significant role in helping veterans on a larger scale. Explore their websites for information on programs and resources. These non-profits have a nationwide and sometimes even a worldwide reach.

Veterans deserve our unwavering support and gratitude for their service and sacrifice. Whether you’re a veteran in need of assistance or someone looking to contribute to the well-being of veterans, these nonprofit organizations can make a significant difference. By using reputable resources like and considering factors such as mission alignment and transparency, you can connect with organizations that genuinely care about veterans’ welfare. Together, we can honor and support those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom.