Trust me, it’s complicated!

A follow-up to:  “Sorry, you are not as good as you think”….


In a previous article, I attempted to address some important facts about human psychology.

  1. That humans tend to conform to large groups (we are influenced by our peers)
  2. That humans tend to overestimate our own abilities (Duning-Kruger Effect)
  3. That humans tend to ignore what is “out of the norm” (Normalcy Bias)
  4. That we can mitigate these factors with training and experience

So what are some simple steps we can do to improve?

Adopt the right attitude.

Stop thinking it will never happen to me and start thinking that it is definitely possible it will happen at some point in my life time.  And if it does not happen start thinking, if not me, then who else?  People tend to follow a leader so become one.  Positive. Open Minded. Listen more than you speak. Speak only when it adds value. Seek education from all sources. Practice what you preach. Search for new and improved ways of performing when old ways do not work and be willing to accept and test suggestions and criticisms from others.

Stop thinking that just because you are mentally aware of the threats, that you will be able to handle them all.

You are not that good unless you make yourself that good.  Stop thinking you are in better shape, stronger or a better fighter than every single person you interact with.

“What we practice in training comes out in combat – no more – no less.”

Go to the range.  If you cannot afford the time and ammo, then dry fire when you are at home.  Join a gym.  It is a medical fact that poor diet and health effects your entire system negatively.  Do you really think you will be able to recognize the threat, draw your weapon and fire accurate shots without practice if you are also suffering from cardiac disease and obesity?  Practice hand-to-hand combat.  Do you think your uniform alone will get 100% compliance?  Is the fact that you carry a gun going to deter everyone?  Is the defensive tactics training you had 15 years ago in the academy enough to overpower everyone?  You are not that good unless you make yourself that good.

Train Under Stress.

Lt. Col. Grossman says that we are not born a sheep or sheep dog and that there is a continuum that exists where we all “sit”; however, that with training, we can improve our position on that scale.  Mentally and physically prepare yourself for the fight. Train in realistic conditions to override the “normalcy bias” and turn your reactions into instinct.  Make sure you are not always wearing a gi or training on a mat.  Where your vest and duty belt and make sure that “move” you learned from that “expert” will really work.

And Finally….   Constantly record, evaluate, address and evolve.  Never stop learning and don’t ever think you have all the answers.  Be confident but humble.

Always growing, never dying.

Thank you all for your service and Stay Safe out there.

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